Adalaj Stepwell, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Adalaj Stepwell or Rudabai Stepwell is a stepwell situated in the modest community of Adalaj, near Gandhinagar city in the Indian province of Gujarat. It was implicit 1498 in the memory of Rana Go Singh (the Vaghela line of Dandai Des) by his better half, Sovereign Rudadevi.

The Adalaj stepwell or ‘Vav’, as it is brought in Gujarati, is unpredictably cut and is five stories profound. It was worked in 1498. An engraving in Sanskrit lays out the historical backdrop of the Adalaj stepwell found on a marble section situated in a break on the main floor, from the eastern passage to the well. Its development was begun by Rana Go Singh of the Vaghela tradition of Dandai Desh. Be that as it may, he was killed in a conflict, whereafter the Muslim ruler Mahmud Begada of an adjoining state constructed it in Indo-Islamic compositional style, in 1499.

According to legend the fifteenth 100 years, Rana Go Singh of the Vaghela line, a Hindu ruler, ruled over this region known as Dandai Desh. His realm was a little one. It was liable to water lack and was exceptionally subject to the downpours. To reduce the wretchedness of his kin, the Rana started the development of an enormous and profound stepwell.

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